The Need

We serve primarily the Latino community, of which approximately 60% are immigrants without legal documents and are between the ages of 14 to 50 years of age. The 36% are less than 34 years. Of this population, 50% do not hold a high-school degree. With little (if any) education, poor English, and inadequate work skills, job opportunities are scarce and advancements are limited. Their median family income is approximately $26,424 (average family of four).

The communities where we operate are within a 44% federal poverty level. About 30% of the families we serve are headed by a single mother, many of which work two jobs to make ends meet resulting in little parental involvement with their children. It is common for children to have a sense of loneliness or abandonment due to the lack of parental involvement or support and isolation from mainstream America due to their underprivileged circumstances. It is natural to desire to belong, escape day-to-day problems, or seek purpose in your life, and this population, primarily children, turns to gangs and drug use as a way to fill their emptiness.

Unfortunately, there are over 450 criminal gangs in the city of Los Angeles, with a membership of approximately 40,000 individuals and over six gangs have saturated the Pico-Union District. Gangs prey on their vulnerability and unstable family dynamics. With this pressure it is almost difficult not to join a gang or begin using drugs; some of the most common drugs sold in the area are marijuana, crystal meth, and crack cocaine (LAPD). While the majority of parents love their children and want to help them, they do not have the skills or financial means by which to do so.

Prevencion y Rescate is a solution for many of these families. On average $2,400 cover out-patient services for an individual or support for a family of 4 with services (codependency, parenting classes, youth support groups, and retreat costs). In order for Prevencion y Rescate to continue carrying out its mission and impacting the lives of individuals and families in need of our services, we need your support to continue making a lasting impact in our communities.