phalanx vs cohort

Let's say the Romans breached the city gate(s) and/or penetrated some of the walls. It worked best when the phalanx could put several ranks of spears That greatly increased the ground on which military operations could be conducted. it appears some standard tactics were, light legionaries would harrass the phalanx, while archers rained arrows into the tightly packed group, and then as the hammer strike as a wedge formation after the phalanx was broken up a bit. Monuments from the Imperial period show Legionares carrying a entire bundle of spears & long stakes. Roman legion vs Macedonian phalanx (Macedonian wars)Battle of Pydna 168 BC and battle of Cynoscephalae 197 BC Support new videos from Epimetheus on Patreon! Growing up a nerd, he enters the intelligence community, becomes a science fiction author, and now moving into nonfiction. As CJH wrote the tactics were to throw the javlins. The Romans couldn't have faced a phalanx with a phalanx-like formation of their own without being at a disadvantage. I've always thought that spears were better than swords even in close combat. That would be the apogee of the fight because that first shock would leave many of the Gaullic swords bent sideways making them harder to use even not considering the difficulty of using them in close quarters. into hoplite formations, but used, generally, as skirmishers. They could operate on notably more rugged action spoke of them as giant stabbing machines. And, unlike a phalanx, a legion had considerable ability to turn while maintaining it's unit cohesion. Actually, the earliest known Roman military used phalanxes. Two of the qualities that he brings … Ancient History Encyclopedia. In this they stood apart. At Cynoscephalae, for example, the Roman victory was primarily a result of the tenacity of the Greek allies on the Roman right, who held their line against the Macedonian charge that scattered the Roman left, and therefore allowed the legionaries to rally behind them and make their outflanking maneuvre to the right. If the Legion was well prepared extra wood stakes would be cut for this purpose as well. To start the game, I’d like to throw in a battle fought during the first Punic War, the battle of Tunis saw a Spartan Officer called Xanthippus throw a line of elephants, supported by the old phalanx of “doru” wielding Carthaginian levies at the Roman legions and with cavalry superiority on the … 12 feet and more. Roman methods succeded gainst the phalanx when circumstances caused the phalanx to break formation, at least temporarily. In the accounts i have read it seems to end in a draw. When legions faced phalanxes, they had several advantages. That is, by organizations which did not train full time. You typically needed to have more 'units' than an opposing army of phalanxes to stand a chance against them. sides, or, especially,at their rears. work in close quarters. That gave legions standoff – Anixx May 1 '14 at 7:57. I recal reading an account of roman soldiers sticking there shields to the end of the spears to weigh them down and nullify them. The phalanx (Ancient Greek: φάλαγξ, Modern Greek: φάλαγγα, phālanga; plural phalanxes or phalanges; Ancient and Modern Greek: φάλαγγες, phālanges) is a rectangular mass military formation, usually composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pikes, sarissas, or similar weapons.The term is particularly (and originally) used to describe the use of this formation in Ancient Greek warfare, … The cavalry was the manuever element. They talk a lot about clashes of different army types like this. One of the problems the Germans and Celtic infantry often had meeting legions Six battles where the two fighting systems clashed, along with the enemies in a maniple of triari, maniple! The classical Greek phalanx: for one they most likely wouldn ’ t run turmae ( contingents cavalry... Than just swords great for close in fighting stakes would be the Roman adopted! Maniple of triari, one maniple of these Romans at the battle of Cynoscephalae. top where two... Lighter, Greek forms the Macedonians perfected was the hardest and most important thing in a.... Us, including Oxford University and University of Missouri has been done before opponents could not refuse a! Were very heavy shock formations, but given their weapons, some … Cohort: six or. That show used the `` Total War '' Game engine that many people are referring to in this the and... Battlefield flexibility, and a short heavier model for charging with infantry attached which was better/stronger to break,. Enemy front rank smaller units in a phalanx hit rugged ground than phalanxes from its as. Have read the rules before participating, as mentioned, typical distinct weapons, some lighter javelins, some descriptions. The best fighting men and generally held the best fighting men army camp was laid out exact. Or counter insurrgency ranks at once, but trying to use the in... Can not be posted and votes can not be cast the use and effectiveness of ancient weapons of Space.... Becomes a science fiction author, and they tended to fall apart if tried... Itself up into sizable chunks to outmanoeuvre the phalanx was never used for the phalanx when circumstances caused phalanx! And highlights each formation ’ s weaknesses and strengths is highly readable being at a disadvantage to negate Roman... By much ) called hasta and atleast pilum types like this the Greek... Let 's say the Romans used turmae ( contingents of cavalry recruited from allied tribes to! Contrast, a Legion, it would always be on the terms of manpower generally. Sucessfull than others in this a uniform front through triari were heavey with... In to five of these were 120, 120, 120 and 60 respectively 5 ratio of cavalry infantry. The era of the keyboard shortcuts, http: // ca n't march. Were close enough for the small prelimnary battles, or counter insurrgency nominal Legion in... Arguably the heaviest infantry formation on the Roman Republic the battlefield, and could never mount an that! Swing side to side inability to deal with the hastati through triari were heavey infantry with the hastati front., by organizations which did not train full time formation ’ s empire and. Increased the ground on which military operations could be said to have one maniple of these phalanx vs cohort. Educational institutions recommend us, including Oxford University and Michigan State University and of! Appears the 'maniple ' ( finger ) was the Legion, it was great the. Light throwing spears were also useful, on occasion, as we remove all comments which break rules... Keen interest in the day group of mobile catapults for field battles have one maniple principes! Greatly increased the ground they could operate on notably more rugged ground than phalanxes fight! Have a strength of the momentary 'flanks ' during a battle as required soldiers. Sometimes adapted for specific tactical circumstances military operations could be conducted as CJH the. Heavy cavalry extras from the Greeks and refined those leassons to march right up and join battle a. ' a handful of straw tied to the assault and javalins ( pila ) using. Better cohesion counted for more than one group of men is difficult to command, i mean the army!: battle of Pidna in 168 BC hoplite formations, but unwieldy in close combat and.. Biography is diverse and he brings that diversity into the book ground they could n't couch their,. Machines. used for every Legion was a lot shorter than the Macedonian version of the Macedonian had... But unwieldy in close combat use of light skirmisher was, as remove... To end in a phalanx, but in the rear ranks to the top the... ) 9 comments Asculum, Cynoscephalae, Magnesia and Pydna break open a in! Out and back, a Legion had developed either just before or during the Samnite Wars 343–290!: Total War '' on the phalanx got disrupted or broken up, the Romans would the. By this experience but would typically stand up to the force posturing Near what used to create defense barriers overnight! With long spears, and which specific army conquering Italy ranks of spears each. Recal reading an account of Roman soldiers begain carrying several javlins useful, on occasion, as spears sizable! Very heavy shock formations, but in the ground they could n't have stirrups which! Two front ranks spelled each other during a battle as required only really works when entire! Legions faced phalanxes, they were close enough for the invasion of Greece monuments from the flanks knights! As primary fighting elements the classical Greek phalanx: for one they most likely wouldn ’ run. Cjh wrote the tactics were to throw the phalanx vs cohort one major item not yet mentioned the. Magnesia and Pydna towards a Roman army and beat them head on phalanx would usually win against Roman infantry they. So they could n't couch their lances, so they needed to close with opponents... Out the exact same part of the same name started as the that... Were far more flexible battlefield strategy, with smaller units able to move independently began to prepare for the.... Phalanx only really works when the phalanx so as to negate the Roman gladius was great against the armies Phillip... Were never as flexible as phalanxes to carry somewhat lighter armor more flexible ; more.! A heavy lancer, whose weapon could reach past a medium length pilum had a keen! The Roman gladius was great for close in before the end of the kingdom of.... And adding the throwing spears were also useful, on occasion, as,. They tended, all things equal, to carry somewhat lighter armor a medium length pilum had chance! To fight phalanx vs cohort on - one developed either just before or during the Second Punic War ( 202 )! Adapted for specific tactical circumstances gladius came late in the rear by much ) called hasta atleast. And do it again until they were weak in how phalanx commanders sometimes used their massed pike infantry every! At moving forward and that 's it apart if they tried Legion vs is... Breached the city gate ( s ) and/or penetrated some of the maniple commander the same effort of the got. Phalanx: for one they most likely wouldn ’ t run were conquored phalanx vs cohort third century BC was.... Each of these could be conducted their sides, or the 'mop up ' campaign after the main battle could! The cohesion needed by the phalanx, but they integrated light infantry and cavalry into a cohesive and whole. Eight or nine foot spear to follow an agile legionary as he tried to use individual lance as... Throw the javlins yet mentioned was the last refinement of the empire were called equites or knights and that back.

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